11-13-21 Assignments

 1. Study the textbook P. 32 and 33 using the attached recording sent by email 2. Listen to the song below 2 times and practice singing along. v=kFca-nfJA6I 3.Memorize the video below v=nBEqaxLqg3k

11-6-21 Assignments

1. Complete the two pages of worksheet and please take a photo to send to me. 2. Watch the two videos and memorize the vocabulary and sentence patterns.

10-16-21 Assignment

  1. Complete the worksheets.  All the answers are in the textbook so please help your child to find them and complete the worksheet. This is a big step for them to practice reading and writing zhu yin. If you have any questions, please let me know. 2. Please watch the video and memorize the vocabulary in the video. v=wUB_Gab3HM0&list=PLDX8YseC- psiV3WUBZLP1PvqbxB6lN7x8 3. Watch the video below 2 times. v=QkWy9Tow4_U&list= PLB4AF0BFC97833491&index=34 4. Review the attached PPT 2 times

10-2-21 Assignments

1. Complete the workbook P. 6, 7 and 8 2. Review the PPT 3 times. 3. Watch the video below 2 times

9-25-21 Assignments

1.Watch the video below to learn about Confucius. 2. Listen and memorize the chant - 猴子跳 3. Study the textbook P. 20, 21 and 22 4. Record the reading on textbook P.19 in both Chinese and English to send to me. 5. Review the class PPT 2 times.

9-18-21 Assignments

  1. Review the PPT   3 times. 2. Practice the reading textbook P. 19  3 times 3. Practice the quizlet  3 times flashcards/starred

9-11-21 Assignment

1. Complete the workbook page 2, 3, 4, 5 2. Memorize the poem 3. Draw a picture for the poem 4.  Watch the video 3 times for the Moon Festival